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About 3ALT
3ALT is an eLearning company that offers a range of learning services, including corporate training, content development, custom courseware, and more. The “3” in the logo is in reference to three guiding principles that lead the internal and external philosophy and operations of the company, with the “ALT” representing “Advanced Learning Technologies.” We work with partners to find tailored learning solutions unique to their needs.
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After successfully founding the University of Fredericton, a fully-online university for working professionals in Fredericton, New Brunswick, it was clear to our founders that accessible online education was powerful. Not only did it provide considerable advantages to the students themselves in terms of personal fulfillment and career advancement, it also had substantial benefits for the organizations they worked for.
Recognizing that these online platforms and delivery methods could create meaningful change in a broader business context, 3ALT was founded to deliver education and learning solutions to anyone taking the initiative to improve their ability to innovate, and enhance internal and external relationships.
3ALT is a privately held company located in Canada and in Switzerland.
Vision and Mission
Our vision is to transform how organisations empower their constituents through education and learning.
3ALT’s mission is to provide creative, tailored online solutions to organizations that want to strengthen operational capacities, drive engagement with constituents, and inspire stronger organizational performance. This is achieved through the application of 3ALT’s three guiding principles, which lead its internal and external philosophy and operations.
Our Guiding Principles

Learning and education are at the core of both 3ALT’s values and offerings. It is through learning that we are able to identify industry trends, offer quality technology solutions, and offer thought leadership in our industry.


Discovery can both create opportunities for learning, and result from it. The relationship between the two is reciprocal, with neither precluding the other. Through the exchange between learning and discovery, we are able to find creative, tailored solutions, resulting in an approach unique to our partners and their needs.


Connection helps to tie the principles of learning and discovery together in a way that establishes partner success. After the solution has been created in the learning and discovery processes, partners are connected with 3ALT supports that ensure successful adoption and use. Through the technology, partners are also better connected with their own organizations.